Music and social post-punk project Retirement

Realized 27.11.2015 - 27.11.2015


Retirement is an entertainment event, during which everyone is involved in loud singing. What is important here is the singing loudness, and the activity of people wishing to play the instruments very loud is encouraged. On 27 November 2015 there was a rehearsal in Urban Space 100 restaurant where both amateurs and professionals could participate. The rehearsal is a bolder activity in comparison with any concert, because in addition to the song repertoire, there are interesting exercises, participants get new emotions from the process of music making. The restaurant territory is divided into three music locations. In the center – there are musicians, on the one side – there are experienced pensioners-chorists with posters containing the lyrics, on the other side – there are pensioners-beginners. Such events have a therapeutic effect. Yarema Stetsik, a famous Ivano-Frankivsk artist and musician, was the lead of this musical carnival.