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Restoring the ancient doors to the Science and Mathematics Lyceum at 33, Franka Street.

Realized 31.10.2020 - 30.01.2021

33 800 UAH

This monument was built in 1928 by architect Tadeusz Kaminsky. The building now houses a science and mathematics lyceum. The interesting point is that the educational institution was located here from the very first days – there was a women’s gymnasium here, where girls were taught to be teachers. The authentic door, at the moment, is not in its best condition – several elements are missing, there are holes from previous locks, extra metal inserts. But the main thing is that they are preserved, so they can be repaired.

The authors of the project set a goal and had the damaged ancient doors restored, and in addition to physical preservation, they held important educational activities for all students of the lyceum.

Below is a photo of the doors before and after the restoration.   Funds provided by Urban Space 100 covered the costs of the carpentry.

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