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Restoration of ancient doors at 26 and 28 Chornovola Street

Realized 07.11.2022 - 02.03.2023

130 000 UAH

With each restored door, we see a clear tendency towards increasing responsibility of residents for their homes. The concept of home expands and residents stop perceiving only their own privatised residences as theirs. Their attention and responsibility begins to extend to entryways, yards, the building in general, the street, the whole city. The doors help to understand the importance of caring for the heritage, inspire other positive changes – after restoring the doors, residents start repairing entryways, install lighting, plant flowers in the yard, and even restore the façades. Doors become not just an end in themselves, but a tool to implement a greater and deeper goal – residents start realising themselves as owners of their houses and the city, they begin to take care of them. And this is the most wonderful change that the initiative managed to achieve over 6 years of work and 4 dozen restored doors, which have turned into real muses not only for the people of Ivano-Frankivsk, but also for other cities of Ukraine, which follow the example of Ivano-Frankivsk.

This time, the initiative restored two doors at Chornovola Street. The two saved doors are two more happy stories that may help create a whole route for walking and exploring the city along Chornovola Street. 

The restored ancient doors will definitely have a positive effect on the external appeal of the city, its well-kept and ancient look, and will also be more practical and functional in everyday use, and will also set a good example for the people who will pass by these doors and will certainly bring joy to the people who live and work nearby.

Funds provided by Urban Space 100 covered the costs of installation, carpentry and stained glass work.

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