Results of regular general meetings of co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100


Today a regular general meeting of the co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100 took place. Six projects received financial support this time. Let's find out more about them:

1. Forest School Project. Forest School is an association of parents and children seeking to foster the development of children through active and unstructured outdoor activities. The team draws inspiration from the so-called “forest schools” that are gaining popularity in the EU, the US, Canada, and Australia.
The main tasks of the school are to spend active time outdoors, provide the opportunity for children to have a “free game”, have parents and children spend time together, and instil environmental consciousness in school participants.

2. 3 Shevchenko Str. Courtyard. The courtyard at 3 Shevchenko Street was arranged a year ago by the locals pursuing a common idea — to set up a new open-air venue belonging to each city resident in the very centre of Ivano-Frankivsk. This public space is open to everyone. Throughout the warm season, the venue is actively used by a variety of the city’s social groups to suit their needs: a children’s playground, yoga classes, salsa parties, film screenings, a space for work, presentations, public discussions, football game screenings, moms’ meetings, celebrations, joint dinners, cultural evenings, cycling, etc. About 1/3 of the yard territory has been transformed already. For this warm season, the following activities are planned: April — restoration of the courtyard; May — street furniture manufacture; June — work with façades and signboards, the arrangement of children’s space; July — arrangement of a city shower.

3. Foodsharing. The Foodsharing project involves installation of a special refrigerator, where low-income people would be able to get free food donated by the more well-off representatives of the local community and socially-responsible businesses. Initially, only one refrigerator will be set up, in Harmoniya rehabilitation centre at the address 54V Molodizhna Str. And in the future similar refrigerators will appear in other parts of the city. They will be easily recognizable by their yellow colour and the inscription Foodsharing.

4. Street Music Day. The Street Music Day project team strives to revitalise the city’s musical and cultural environment and create a musical event where the musicians of Ivano-Frankivsk would develop themselves and interact with each other. It aims at developing the city’s musical culture and providing local musicians with a platform for self-expression. People also need access to high-quality contemporary music and an opportunity to try their hand in music; hence the festival’s motto is “Everyone can become a musician!” Every year the festival hosts Street Piano, a musical art project, where anyone can try to play the instrument.

5. “The School of Future. IT School.” Children are always attracted by computer technology. The project team seeks to organize a variety of events, forums, and workshops to showcase and develop IT solutions in Ivano-Frankivsk schools. The organisers plan to integrate IT across the entire educational process to provide new development opportunities for young people and open our city to the entire world. The experience gained during the project will be shared among the teachers through workshops, subject committees’ panels, and Partnership Network in Education (Microsoft).

6. Falkor Parent & Child Festival. A one-day event, Falkor parent and child festival aims to familiarise parents with the concept of “co-working”; to show that the parents’ social life and development should continue even after the child is born, and convince them that they can develop in a variety of ways together and along with their children. Up to 150 people (parents and children) are assumed to attend this event. The project received partial funding.

Urban Space 100 has already supported 44 projects by now. The next meeting to decide on the initiatives funding will be held at the end of July, and applicants should submit their projects from 15 June to 15 July.

To find out how to get a grant, visit our website (the Get a Grant section).