Projects Supported by Urban Space 100 in January 2018


On 27 January 2018, a regular meeting of the Urban Space 100 social restaurant co-founders took place. During the meeting, 6 projects were selected for a total of UAH 229 634,85.

More information about the selected projects below:

1.    Street Music Day
The goal of the project is to fill the city with music, increase interest and engage people in the city’s musical and cultural development, to shake the music environment and to draw attention to street music in particular. To bring together inhabitants around a common street holiday everyone can take part in as a musician, dancer, listener, workshop participant, handicraft maker or cook. This year the Street Music Day was celebrated on 20 May.

2.    Modernisation of the reading room of the Regional Children’s Library (2 Mickiewicz Square)
The improving and modernisation of the department for pre-schoolers and pupils of first through fourth graders of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Library and updating the book collection.

3.    Spilna Mova (Common Language)
The project is aimed at improving English language proficiency up to the B1 level of teachers of mathematics and natural sciences (Computer Studies, Physics, Maths, crafts, etc.) of Ivano-Frankivsk and the Region to provide them with unimpeded access to up-to-date English teaching methods and tools. The organisers plan to:
-    develop the English teaching method taking into account the terminology used in mathematics and natural sciences classes;
-    facilitate the dissemination and use of the method throughout Ivano-Frankivsk Region, and especially in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk;
-    support English and mathematics and natural sciences school teachers who strive for self-development and joining the global community of educational innovators.

4.     "Vasyliiada" Scholarship Fund for the pupils of St. Vasylii Velykyi Catholic Gymnasium-School
Offering scholarships to the pupils of certain social categories who have achieved high academic success during the 2nd semester of 2018 — 5 scholarships worth UAH 4,200 each.

5.    Visiting Frankivsk (the project is partially financed)
The development of an integrated guided tourism project for ATO participants, their relatives and the families of the Heroes who died. One weekend each month will be devoted to organising a cultural and educational programme aimed at social adaptation. The main goal is to show the city’s modern aspects despite its historical value and emphasise the socio-cultural and environmental components and the prospects in self-employment and small business and opportunities to establish European conditions for workers and clients. Seven visits are scheduled for this year.

6.     Brama 2018 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Festival and Competition (the project is partially financed)
Brama is a competition for fantasy stories and a sci-fi festival that was held in Ivano-Frankivsk in May and October 2017. Some 517 works in Ukrainian (an obligatory condition) were submitted for the competition; 300 shortlisted. The project organisers are planning to publish a collection of the 20 best stories. It is a non-commercial festival; its goal is popularising Ukrainian fantasy literature being, which is the most popular genre in the world but one of the least developed in Ukraine.

Over the time of its existence, Urban Space 100 has already supported 65 projects including those mentioned above.

The next general meeting will take place in late April. Applications are accepted between 15 March and 15 April.

To find out how to apply for the Urban Space 100 grant, follow the link.