Projects Supported in October 2017



On 28 October 2017, a regular meeting of the Urban Space 100 social restaurant co-founders was held and 11 projects were selected for a total of UAH 299,718. Read more about these projects below:

1.    Health Care Reform Implementation
In August 2017, an agreement was signed to introduce the electronic queue system and electronic cards in the systems of primary health care providers. The software is provided free of charge for the city by the Medics company (a 3-year servicing term is financed by the donor grant). The implementation was hindered because clinics and paediatric departments had no Internet connection or computers. This project is intended to solve the problem and allow the implementation of electronic cards and electronic queuing.

2.    Dribnota
Dribnota is a community of concerned parents and progressive educators. The goal of the Dribnota project is to create a centre for quality leisure and all-round development of local children. The Dribnota website will be developed under the grant programme.

3.    Playground for the children’s department of the Regional Tuberculosis Pulmonary Centre
The organizers’ goal is to turn the space near the Regional Tuberculosis Pulmonary Centre into an interesting, useful and bright playground for the kids receiving medical treatment there. A multifunctional monkey bar in the form of a bus will be set up for pre-schoolers and primary school children as part of the project. For older children, a bar-up bar and a concrete chess table will be set up.

4.    Stud Space
The Stud Space for students will help efficiently organise the local students’ leisure time, engage youth in social activities, develop the space for their development, solve the problem of youth unemployment and establish friendly relations between the students of different higher education institutions. Stud Space will be situated on the premises of dormitory No. 5 of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

5.    Boccia West League Cup in Ivano-Frankivsk
Starting the paralympic boccia game and creating the team Strong in Spirit have given a boost for almost 20 disabled people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders of various degrees of severity to realise their potential as sportsmen.
Creating the Boccia West League Cup will allow the team from Ivano-Frankivsk and other regions to improve their sport skills, share their experience, compete for medals and participate with dignity in national and International competitions.

6.    The Kino za kadrom Conference
The project team set a goal to introduce professional and amateur filmmakers, people interested in filmmaking and representatives of cinema-friendly businesses and local authorities to positive trends and prospects of film production in Ukraine and the region and to contribute to the formation of a human-resources formation in film industry. The conference was held with the participation of professional Ukrainian filmmakers and all interested parties in the form of reports and discussions.

7.    Dance promo clip for Ivano-Frankivsk
The organisers want to film a dance promo clip of the city at various Ivano-Frankivsk locations at sunrise involving the best choreographers working in various modern dance styles to present and popularise their hometown and modern dance online. Engaging local choreographers in this joint public project and offering them a possibility to see their city in a new light and their dance in it is one of the positive aspects of the project.

8.    Premiere of the One-Act Ballet Second Floor
The premiere of the one-act ballet Second Floor one-act ballet is an event following up a two-day modern dance festival in Ivano-Frankivsk. This year the festival will be organised for the third time. In 2015 and 2016 the Mad About Dance team invited APACHECREW, one of the best Ukrainian teams, to participate. This year they invited Kyiv Modern Ballet and APACHECREW. As part of the project, dance workshops will be organised and lectures given by the most experienced dancers of the team, a recital with the team’s members and the premiere of the ballet Second Floor on the stage of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Philharmonic.

9.    A World Full of Opportunities: Social Animation Project
The project is created for children bereft of attention, kindness and comfort for different reasons. It will be very useful for them to get acquainted with social animation production as it stimulates their creativity, fosters the development of their personality and facilitates frankness and freedom of thought and action. A positive spirit, support and joint activities can create bonds between children who have problems with social adaptation. The organisers believe this project will help each child show his/her personality and to draw their attention to socially important topics through the method of social animation production.

10.    The Energy Efficiency of Your Home from A to Z
The project will include:
1) Holding a series of practical seminars titled "How to Make Your Home Energy-efficient from A to Z", given by the participants of an eco-energy cluster who are specialists in energy efficiency;
2) Recording video lectures to be made available for everyone on the website of the cluster;
3) Developing the roadmap "A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make Your Home Energy-efficient from A to Z", based on the results of the seminars and taking into account the course listeners’ questions and inquiries.

11.    Doctor Holiday
The project aims at organising the work of student volunteers with ill children receiving medical treatment at Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Hospital and with their families. Volunteers dress up as fairy-tale characters and visit children in different hospital departments. They play fun games with them and conduct various educational and entertainment events. The aim of the Doctor Holiday project is to improve the psychological and emotional state of ill children and their families at the hospital’s in-patient departments through laughter, play therapy and communication and to teach tolerance, charity and compassion to local active youth.

The Urban Space 100 social restaurant has supported 59 projects to date. The next meeting to select the initiatives to finance will be held in late January. Applications accepted between 15 December and 15 January 2018.

For details on how to apply for the grant follow the link.