Urban Space 100 co-founders support 8 projects worth uah 226,354 on 28 April


In the first quarter of 2018, the co-founders of the Urban Space 100 public restaurant have decided to provide financial support for 8 projects with the total amount of UAH 226,354. More information about the chosen projects is provided below:

1. Dribnota family picnic // 48 prizes

Grant total—UAH 35,200

The closest event organized by Dribnota is an annual city fest dedicated to the Children’s Day. It will be held on 2 June in Shevchenko City Park. Over 200 cycling race participants and up to 1000 entertainment locations participants are expected. The cycling race includes 16 laps for children aged 3 to 14. The race is unique because it is organized for kids under 14 (usually children’s cycling competitions are intended for kids over 14).

The financial support of Urban Space 100 will cover the prize pool (48 prizes).

2. The first Ivano-Frankivsk Teenager Hackathon

Grant total—UAH 21,435

During the first Teenager Hackathon, teenagers divided into 5–8 teams will create a mobile app prototype to help foster city development. Six mentors from among hackathon promoters and IT professionals will help the kids. At the end of the event, each team will present their start-up idea and the app prototype. The winning team will receive the mentors’ support.

The funding provided by Urban Space 100 will cover travel and catering expenses, rent, stationery, as well as ads and a part of the remunerations.

3. The Anthology of Transborder Galicia Writers. Part 1: Stanislaw Vincenz, Bruno Schulz, Zygmunt Haupt, Yosef Agnon

Grant total—UAH 28,850

The project is designed to create an anthology dedicated to the foreign writers who were the first to depict Galicia’s central cities—Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Drohobych, Buchach, Verkhovyna and others—in their fiction. These writers were Stanislaw Vincenz, Bruno Schulz, Yosef Agnon, and Zygmunt Haupt. The project develops the topic of identification of Galicia as an area with a unique cultural pattern which has a long-lasting relationship with the Central European cultural tradition. To this end, fiction works wherein major cities of Galicia are described will be studied. The text excerpts will be analysed and commented on by such experts as Yurii Andrukhovych, Taras Prohasko, Taras Vozniak, Vira Meniok, etc.

The grant programme will cover the expenses for literary editing, proofreading, artwork, and page layout.

4. Design Village 2018

Grant total—UAH 36,121.5

Design Village conference has been held for 3 years already. The first two events attracted 500 people each in 2015 and 2016. This time, Design Village will span 3 days from 25 May to 27 May packed full of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and portfolio reviews.

Among the speakers, we will see representatives of Mojang (Minecraft), Ueno, Punanimation, BBDO Ukraine, and buero bauer.

The topic of the 2018 conference is “Design for the sake of it is no design!”

Urban Space 100 will cover the expenses for printing and mounting of exhibits, partially the materials for free workshops, meals for volunteers, accommodation for reporters, and travel costs.

5. A music trolley-bus

Grant total—UAH 25,000

During the Street Music Day on 19 May, its organizers are planning to present their city with a music trolley-bus. The move is rather symbolic: the music will travel to the most remote neighbourhoods. The entire city will listen to the music! The music trolley-bus will bring its passengers to the place where the music is and bring the music to the place where there was none before. One of the trolley-buses on longest routes will be painted by Kickit Art Studio team. Throughout the day, the trolley-bus passengers will enjoy live musical performances. Afterwards, it will stay on the route to remind locals and city guests of the best day of the year—the day when music is everywhere!

Urban Space 100 will cover the expenses for design development and project launch, sound equipment renting, and consumable materials for the preparation for the project (paints, cleansers, etc.).

6. Education & Rehabilitation Center improvement

Grant total—UAH 48,635

The promoters are planning to turn the yard of the Educational Rehabilitation Center for cognitively impaired children into a modern comfort space for relaxation and games by arranging 6 benches and a playground (a sandbox and a bright and safe bus for kids).

Urban Space 100 will cover the expenses for playground bus, benches, and a sandbox as well as for transportation, assembling and construction materials (sand, cement, etc.).


7. Arduino-based robotics for 1,000 children in Ivano-Frankivsk schools

Partially funded—UAH 15,556.25 (total grant requested—UAH 68,500)

Arduino is an open-source portable platform with flexible hardware and free software great for simple automation and robotic systems. It is completely open for developers.

The project involves publishing of Arduino Robotics, a book by a professor of the College of Hardware Devices Oleksander Aronets for group activities in out-of-school educational facilities and schools. In addition, a one-year Arduino course will be presented to teachers and principals of grades 5-12 of city schools and Arduino robotics courses offered to 1,000 children in Ivano-Frankivsk schools.

Urban Space 100 will cover the expenses for design and publishing of 1,000 copies of Oleksandr Aronets’s Arduino Robotics.

8. Brama 2018 Fantasy Writing Competition

Partially funded—UAH 15,556.25 (total grant requested—UAH 50,200)

Brama is an annual fantasy writing competition and a fantasy convention. The fantasy stories competition started on 10 April, submissions are accepted until July. The qualified jury will then choose the winners who will be introduced at Brama-2018 international fantasy convention that will be held from 1 October to 7 October. During the award ceremony, 1st, 2nd, and 3d places will receive money rewards, special and runner-up prizes are also available. Urban Space 100 grant will cover the prize pool.

Over the time of its existence, Urban Space 100 has supported 73 projects including those described above. For more information about the projects, visit the Urban Space 100 website.

The next general meeting is scheduled for end-July. The applications are accepted from 15 June to 15 July.

Follow this link for Urban Space 100 grant application guidelines.