Projects supported by Urban Space 100 in January 2019


The regular general meeting of co-founders of the public restaurant Urban Space 100 was held on January 26th. The amount to be allocated to Ivano-Frankivsk development projects was 317,822 UAH.

Seven projects were funded for the total amount of 169,870 UAH.

The co-founders of Urban Space 100 decided to transfer the remaining amount of 147,952 UAH to the next grant season.

1) Multimedia Classics

Grand Amount: 35,016 UAH

The goal of the project is to create an online platform that will allow readers to interact with literary texts through related media. It will be the online publication of the world-famous literary work Giacomo Joyce by James Joyce, which will combine animated graphics, background music (specifically created), and interactive features. Urban Space 100 will fund the costs of translation, editing, proofreading, sound design, page planning and making.

2) Make An Impact! Save Lives!

Grant Amount: 20,000 UAH

The project is aimed at reducing the number of car accidents and injuries involving pedestrians and cyclists (with the support of NGOs, the Medical University, the Patrol Police Office). The project envisages printing of posters and booklets as well as outreach activities (involving students). Urban Space 100 will cover the costs of printing of posters and booklets for cyclists and pedestrians. The project also envisages the purchase of high-visibility vests and reflective bracelets.

3) Urban Space Radio: Radio Marathon

Grant Amount: 16,300 UAH

Nuiaktobiskazaty is educational radio marathons that bring up complicated subjects. It’s 4 hours of live streaming. This will be the 3rd marathon; the topic is money (scarcity mindset, money and family, crypto currency, your own business, etc.). Urban Space 100 will fund the costs of the programme production: compensation to hosts, audio-recording, and marathon support.

4) Business Micro-incubator

Grant Amount: 22,000 UAH

The goal of the project is to prepare and motivate 12 participants to successfully run their own businesses; to ensure free use of co-working equipment by those who need it (mothers with little children, IDPs, students, etc.); to involve the VDOMA space visitors. The incubator is aimed at developing micro-business and providing mentor support to participants. Urban Space 100 will fund part of the costs of purchase of a laptop and desk chair.

5) Summer School of Sciences

Grant Amount: 16,000 UAH

The school is named “Perspectives in Biomedicine with Focus on Cancer Immunotherapy.” The grant funds will be used to provide travel grants to the best applicants from all over Ukraine (graduate and postgraduate students in the medical and biological field). This will allow future professionals to learn from experience of the German researchers engaged in the school. Urban Space 100 will partially fund the travel expenses of participants and school administration.

6) School Basketball League “Orange Ball”

Grant Amount: 35,054 UAH

The project envisages the third and fourth (final) rounds of the League, as well as the information campaign “Be Active in Sports Today!” in city schools, media, and social media. This will spike schoolchildren’s interest in basketball and promote healthy lifestyle among them. The funds raised will cover the costs related to the project activities: rental of a basketball court, compensation to referees, sports equipment, purchase of cups, merit certificates, medals, posters, etc.

7) Outdoor Learning According to the Standards of the New Ukrainian School

Grant Amount: 25,500 UAH

The project involves adapting the existing practical elements of “outdoor learning” to the NUS standards and the development of tools (projects, activities, tasks) for three topics of integrated lessons and at least three fields of the State Standard. This will raise public awareness of the benefits of the outdoor learning elements in the NUS first grade among primary school teachers of Ivano-Frankivsk. Urban Space 100 will fund the costs of the first phase of the project, namely adapting the outdoor learning techniques to the NUS standards.

Throughout its existence, Urban Space 100 has supported 91 projects, including the above.

Please read about all the projects in the Implemented Projects section on the Urban Space 100 website.

The next general meeting will be held in late April. You may send your application from March 15 to April 15.

Please read the Urban Space 100 Grant Application Submission Rules here.