Projects supported in October 2019


The regular meeting of the co-founders of the Urban Space 100 public restaurant was held in Q3 2019. Two projects totalling UAH 57,730 got the funding.

More information about the winning projects:

1) Sterilisation for Sirkos

Grant amount — UAH 30,000

Continue the Required Sterilisation Project that was awarded a grant last season. The goal is to reduce the population of stray dogs in the city. To this end, the following measures will be taken within the project:

▪️ 100 dogs will be sterilised between November 15th and December 31st
▪️ Each dog will have a tag, and a relevant entry will be made in the book
▪️ Families will be found for the sterilised dogs.

The grant programme will cover the cost of animal sterilisation.

2) Restoration and returning of the authentic door in the Children’s Art School (17 Pavlyk Street)

Grant amount — UAH 27,730

A few years ago, the authentic wooden door in the stone building built in the constructivism style in the interwar period, currently occupied by the children’s art school, was replaced with a white plastic one. Two weeks ago, when visiting the school, the FrankivskWeHaveToSave initiative decided to restore this door and return to its historic place.

The project goal was to preserve the historical heritage of Ivano-Frankivsk through the example of restoring the ancient door at 17 Pavlyk street and renewing its historical value. 

The grant programme will cover the cost of carpentry restoration work. 


The total amount generated by the results of the restaurant operation in Q3 is UAH 385,155. According to the decision of the co-founders of Urban Space 100, for the first time in 5 years, some amount out of UAH 300,000 will be allocated to repair the restaurant and upgrade the equipment. UAH 35,364 will be allocated for the administration of the grant programmes and UAH 57,730 UAH for the project support.

For almost 5 years of its existence, Urban Space 100 has supported 106 projects totaling UAH 2,572,058,55. Please find more about them in the section Supported Projects.

You may apply for the next Grant Season from December 15th to January 15th.

You may also read the Urban Space 100 Guidelines for Application by the link.