“The big return of Urban Space 100!”   this is the slogan of the autumn grant season this year. After a long quarantine break, the restaurant is ready to allocate funds for new social projects again.

Of course, we are looking forward to new applicants who, along with the Jedi Knights, will save Ivano-Frankivsk from the darkness of inactivity that engulfed the city due to the quarantine and the evil COVID-19 virus. Does this remind you of anything?

You guessed it. This season is special because it has been created in the Star Wars series style, which can be easily traced from the visual promo materials and text feed on social networks. For us, after this long pause, the entire grant program and this season, in general, are associated with a great struggle between darkness and light, since every season during the quarantine, the Urban Space 100 restaurant fought to get the opportunity to once again provide funds for public initiatives”*

As a reminder, the Urban Space 100 grant fund is formed from 80% of the restaurant's net profit, which has been allocating funds every quarter for the past 5 years to support local initiatives. During this period, the public restaurant supported 113 projects, providing about UAH 3 million. Who will become the 114th?

Submit your idea after getting familiar with the terms of the program, using our website.