Summer Grant Season [15 June – 15 July 2021]


If you clicked on the QR code or simply visited our website, then you are definitely interested in knowing what the grant is and how to get it. We have been working for 6 years and noticed that there are lots of active people in our city who are ready to make changes, but do not know about the financial support opportunities.

“What is a grant?” It is the slogan of the summer grant season launched by the Urban Space 100 public restaurant. This time, we decided to focus on explaining both the concept itself and the opportunities, as well as talk about the details of applying for the grant. This season will offer witty memes and live stories from teams that have already applied for and have been provided grants by the Urban Space 100 project.

123 projects estimated to be worth UAH 3,233,956.50 have been implemented so far, which means that 123 teams decided to start making changes, fought their fears and worries, and one day applied for the grant. You can get familiar with all these projects on our website –

The application deadline is June 15 - July 15.