Special Urban Space 100’s 8th Anniversary!


In these difficult times, Urban Space 100 was celebrating its 8 years for a whole week. The event took place in a calm atmosphere and with no excessive attention. Our only goal was to raise as much as possible for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to make our victory closer.

Urban Space 100 and "Siomyi Zahin" Charitable Foundation raised funds to purchase a DJI MATRICE 30T drone for the Omeha special unit of the Special Forces.

We arranged the Coffee For a Drone promotion, as well as four events, where specially invited speakers spoke to restaurant visitors about art, history and policy at the Urban Space 100 event venue.

On December 23, an online conversation took place with the Ukrainian writer and intellectual Oksana Zabuzhko. During that period, Ms. Oksana presented her new book titled “The Longest Journey” in Europe, which is about the origins of the Russia-Ukraine war. At the online meeting, she managed to share with the listeners her impressions and observations about how Europeans’ perception of Ukraine has changed. And more importantly, to inspire everyone who attended the event to look optimistically at our past and future.


On December 25, guests watched the movie “Bringing Up Baby” directed by Howard Hawks. This movie was broadcast in Ukrainian for the first time, and it happened with the grant support from Urban Space 100. The movie was translated as part of the “More Ukrainian” project.

On December 26, at a lecture by Olesia Drashkaba, an artist and public figure, visitors to the restaurant had the opportunity to learn about the history and art of the Ukrainian poster. Afterwards, an auction of posters from the Sunseed Art project was held, and the proceeds were used to purchase a drone.


On December 27, at an open discussion with Dmytro Tuzhanskyi, a political analyst and director at the Institute of Central European Strategy, they talked about the politics of neighbouring Western countries, and discussed the topic of what awaits Ukraine and Central Europe in general after the end of the Russia-Ukraine war.

And, traditionally, on this day, the Urban Space 100 co-founders tried on the role of waiters and kitchen assistants, which made this day even more festive. The evening was complemented by music and singing by our wonderful event manager.


  As always, entry to the event was free, and visitors were encouraged to join the drone fundraising campaign. The final amount that was raised is UAH 75,000.

Here is a video that will help you dive in the atmosphere of a cosy celebration.

Brief summary of these 8 years: We supported 145 public projects totalling over UAH 4,200,000, as well as the Save Ukraine Now coordination centre for the support of the Prykarpattia military totalling UAH 1,000,000.

Thanks to everyone who is with us, you are amazing!

To Changes Together!