Urban Space 100 announced the winners of the spring grant season.

Among the 19 projects submitted to the competition, 5 initiatives were awarded funding totalling UAH 170,900. The grant fund of the competition consisted of the net profit of the restaurant for January-March: it was a difficult quarter, as it fell on the period of blackouts. However, Urban Space 100 managed to support important projects for the city this season as well. On April 29, at the 34th General Meeting, the co-founders of the restaurant chose the winners.

Read more about each of the projects:
1. Mural of Trust: a Patient-Friendly Hospital. The project received partial funding in the amount of UAH 42,800 (the requested amount was UAH 79,900)

The project aims to increase the level of trust of the people of Ivano-Frankivsk in the Regional Hospital, one of the largest healthcare facilities in the city and region, by creating a Mural of Trust on the façade of the hospital. The curator of the art component of the project will be Yarema Stetsyk; the thematic sketches will be created by the Kharkiv artist Nikita Titov

2. Restoration of the Door at Nezalezhnosti Str. The project received partial funding in the amount of UAH 23,300 (the requested amount was UAH 43,500)

The kamianytsia at 43 Nezalezhnosti Str. was built in 1939, just before the start of the Second World War. In 1986, during the reconstruction of Stometrivka Boulevard, the door of the Constructivist building was covered with wooden clapboards, hiding the authentic appearance. The goal of the project is to restore the historical look of the door and recover the missing details. The entrepreneurs who work in this building also financially support the project.

3. Cinema in Support of the Armed Forces. Grant amount: the project received partial funding in the amount of UAH 25,900 (the requested amount was UAH 49,000)

This project — a continuation of last year’s project “More Ukrainian: Film Screenings in Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” — provides for a series of individual film screenings of the classics of world cinema to raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The films to be screened at these film events will be dubbed in Ukrainian for the first time specifically for the project. 

4. Unbroken Photo Project. The project received partial funding in the amount of UAH 48,900 (the requested amount was UAH 90,240)

The project involves the shooting of 30 documentary photo portraits of severely wounded soldiers who are being treated at the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Hospital. The need for medicines, prosthetics, complex surgeries, plastic and orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation is greater with every passing day. The photo exhibition in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv will be held with a charitable goal, to raise funds for the defenders. There are also plans for an online exhibition on the websites of the Kyiv School of Photography, the Regional Hospital and the Ministry of Health.

5. Lastivka Community. Svidomyi Market. The project received partial funding in the amount of UAH 30,000 (the requested amount was UAH 82,200)

This social market is focused on sustainable consumption, reuse and recycling, waste sorting and recycling, climate-friendly lifestyle. The Svidomyi Market will consist of several parts: a garage sale and a craft market (eco goods), with a part of the proceeds donated to charity (targeted assistance to the military). Various workshops and lectures are also planned as part of the market.
The meeting participants also decided to transfer UAH 57,000 to the Save Ukraine Now Coordination Centre to support the Prykarpattia battalions on the front lines. In total, since the outset of the full-scale invasion, the Urban Space 100 public restaurant has donated UAH 1,227,000 to SUN.

The next summer grant season will be open from June 15 to July 15.