From Kramatorsk to Urban Space 100: Blitz with Mykola Dorokhov


Mykola Dorokhov founded Vilna Khata, which was a landmark event platform in Kramatorsk, and also explored the possibility of opening Urban Space there. He currently works as an event manager at Urban Space 100 in Ivano-Frankivsk.

“First of all, my task was to bring back the audience that used to attend events and the vibe of a city café, which is a platform for discussing city initiatives, problems, etc. Now I want to start this tradition so that local musicians and artists present their releases at Urban Space 100. So, it can be a good incentive for the development of the local stage. The first event of this format was Koli C23’s presentation about his journey as a musician/rapper. There were many people who were either inspired by the performance or discovered C23 from a different angle,” Mykola says.

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