Canva   woman holding baby near window

Launching the Ba&Di Freelance social entrepreneurship web-platform (marketplace)

Realized 25.01.2020 - 25.04.2020

51 650 UAH

Sometimes elderly people feel alone. On the other hand, parents don’t always have time to do all the housework and take care of their kids.

The Grandma and Grandpa platform was created to solve this problem.

A freelance Grandma can pick up your kids from school, take them home, make sure they have a meal, help with their homework, and take them to an after-school club or another school. She can cook dinner for you, do a light clean-up work, walk and feed your pets. The freelance Grandma is great at entertaining your kids with a variety of exciting activities. Leaving your kids with her, you can be sure that they will be fine.

In addition to what the freelance Grandma can do, a freelance Grandpa can do some minor repairs, go shopping, teach your son to help his grandma or mum, or just go to a football game with him and talk about different topics.

During the quarantine, elderly freelancers do not provide services physically, but you can order a freelance babysitter online. You can find details on how to do it on our website (click Learn More).

The Urban Space 100 grant program covered the costs of developing a web-platform, creating photo and video content about service providers, as well as paid the project manager fees.

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