Urban Space project potential in Kramatorsk


During the summer and autumn of 2018, the NGO "Insha Osvita" had been exploring the potential for implementing the Urban Space idea in Kramatorsk using a franchise from the "Teplie Misto" platform.

The readiness of people to finance the project, the potential of the local restaurant business,  the existence of possible options for a placing of potential restaurant, and the possibility of additional fundraising were analyzed.

What was identified? First, the obvious interest in the idea and willingness of a sufficient number of social investors to support the project right now. Secondly, the absence of an institutional business partner (a restaurant component).

After weighing all the risks, it was decided not to start with the campaign this year. We are grateful to those people and organizations who warmly welcomed the idea and have already invested their time and expertise within the framework of the study.

NGO "Insha Osvita" continues its activities in this city and is ready to return to the implementation of the Urban Space idea in Kramatorsk later or to transfer all accomplishments to another organization that will take up this ambitious project.

For its part, the team of "Teple Misto" is ready to return to the project next year together with NGO "Insha Osvita" or in another partner configuration.